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AOE2 21 pop Scouts into Knights build order

Essa é a primeira build order que aprendi no jogo e a que mais gosto de fazer, principalmente jogando de Franks. Vou manter em inglês pois isso aproxima o jogo da comunidade internacional.

Match start

Build 2 houses with 2 vills and another with 1 vill. Scout around the base to find: 8 sheeps, 2 boars, berries, deers, 3 golds, 2 stones; then, go scout the enemy base.

Dark Age

On the way to Feudal:

TIP: only start making farms after reaching feudal age, otherwise you will run out of wood to make the stable. Send berry vills to farm as they run out.

Feudal Age

On the way to Castle:

Castle Age

TIP: each TC cousts 275 wood + 100 stone; if you spend the inicial stone you will not be able to build the TCs, unless you collect more stone.

After 3 TCs: drop more stables on the front to continue building scouts. Consider droping siege on the front (especially hills) to breake walls + buildings.

When decision to go Imperial Age: build 2 of castle, university, monastery or siege workshop; invest on food + gold. Click Imperial Age (1000 food + 800 gold)

Collect the relics and drop castles on the hills to take control of the map and the strategic resources (gold and stone).

Imperial Age

Continue queueing villagers until ~140, leaving 60 pop to building a good and fully upgraded army.

Expand the base around the corners of the maps and take control of the hills.

Build trebuchets to break the enemy castle and other buildings/walls. Make sure to protect your trbuchets with your troops.

Don’t forget to research the economic and military upgrades to build the strongest army.

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